Realtime T11N » Color Screen Attendance Recorder with Access Control & Battery Backup

  • Industrial Modal
  • Auto Push Technology

Product Specifications
Fingerprint Users: 1,000
Card User: 1,000
Password User: 1,000
Attendance Records: 100,000
Fingerprint Verification Mode: 1:1, 1:N
Working Mode: Offline/Online
Verification: Fingerprint, ID Card, Password
Combination: FP+Card, PIN+Card, FP+PIN+Card
Verification Time: >1.0s
False Rejection Rate: <0.01%
False Acceptance Rate: <0.0001%
Finger Print Sensor: 600dpi Optical
Screen: 2.4 inches (Color Display)
Display Language: English
Communication: USB Drive/Link, TCP/IP
Push Technology: Realtime Data Push To Server
Working Humidity: 20%-60%
Working Temperature: 0°C-50°C
Power Supply: 9V DC
Idle Current: 400mA
Working Current: 500mA
Sound Indicator: Buzzer, Voice
Access Control: Built-in
Battery Backup: Built-in(2-3 Hours)
  • Fingerprint
  • Personal Identity Number
  • EM Card
  • Access Control
  • TCP/IP
  • Backup Battery(Optional)