RealtimeT302N » Face with Finger Attendance System

  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Dual Camera
  • Photo Storage

Product Specifications
Face capacity 1000
Card capacity 5000
Fingerprint capacity 5000
Max Attendance log 300,000
Management log 10000
Identify mode Face, Fingerprint, card, password and combinations
Display language English
LED 1 (Red-Green dual color)
Wiegand input Inside and outside Wiegand(26/34)
Communication TCP/IP, WIFI (optional)
U-disk Supported
Battery 3 Hours Battery Backup ( Optional)
Working voltage DC12V 5%(current : below 1.5A)
Working temperature -100c~ +600c
Working humidity (RH) 20% ~ 80%
Self-test function Supported
Power management Sleep Mode
FAR/ FRR 0.001/1(%)
Identify speed ?1.0 seconds
Intelligent adaptation function Built in
Matching mode Supports 1:N
FAR/ FRR 0.00001/0.1(%)
Identify speed ?1.0 second (when enrolled 5000 fingerprints)
Fingerprint input angle 3600(any angle)
Intelligent adaptation function Support
Matching mode Support 1:N
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Personal Identity Number
  • RFID Reader
  • USB Disk
  • TCP/IP
  • Backup Battery(Optional)